Free thinking finance, a Podcast, sponsored by free2

This is where you can download and listen to our Podcast series, Free thinking finance, sponsored by free2. It’s presented by chartered financial planners, Nick Bamford and Shelly McCarthy, of Informed Choice Ltd.


Why listen?

You’ll hear expert and entertaining wisdom which covers;

  • Why you need to picture your future and then start a financial plan to arrive there, 
  • The numerous types of pension and their pros & cons and the potential pitfalls if you decide to cash it in, 
  • How certain kinds of mortgage could leave you out of pocket, and what you might need to do to recover, 
  • How it may be possible to reassess your assets and retire sooner than you think. 

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This Podcast series intended only as a general guide and is not intended as personalised financial advice. If unsure, seek independent financial advice. Please remember tax rules can change and the value of the tax benefits will depend on your circumstances. The value of investments can rise and fall, so you could receive less than you invest. Once funds are held in a pension they are not usually accessible before age 55 (rising to 57 from 2028).