The country is finally beginning to emerge from the last of the lockdown restrictions, so, what does the long-heralded “Freedom Day” mean for your finances? What can you do to plan for your financial freedom? We’ve been doing some serious thinking about how people can plan their future financial security, and we discuss some of the thinking behind it.


19th July, “Freedom Day” for England has arrived, as we emerge from lockdown and start to plan for our futures.

What does “Freedom Day” mean for your finances, and your own financial freedom?

What measures can you take to ensure your future is secure as you enter, or plan for your retirement? How can you inform yourself of the options you have as you get older and the financial environment changes around you, and make the plans you need to, as much as possible, avoid unpleasant surprises?


We’re here to help people do more by thinking differently

As a new brand focused on financial services for the over 55s, we’ve been doing some thinking about just these sorts of questions as part of our quest to help people see things differently as they approach and enjoy retirement.

Part of our rationale is to help people achieve financial freedom and help those who want to do more in retirement. Whether that means ticking off a “bucket list” by exploring the country in a luxury sportscar or going “glamping” in a spruced up retro caravan, or perhaps by adding value to your home, renovating it with say a loft extension or wet-room bathroom. Or, helping your children with a deposit for their first step on the housing ladder. Or, supporting your parents as they begin to need greater care. Need a little inspiration or some background information now that “Freedom Day” is here? Why not visit our Fact Sheets which cover many of the motivations for raising finances over 55 in greater detail, here.

Do you need a bigger read?

To help people think about financial freedom as they leave their 50s behind and edge towards retirement, we’ve produced a Guide to managing money for the over 55s. Written by an independent financial adviser, it’s a straightforward, jargon-free guide which explores your options when it comes to managing your money in retirement. The guide covers pensions, homes, loans and mortgages, savings and investments, lifestyle & goals, and provides sources of financial advice.

Funding a big spend? Compare all the options

As you think about ways to achieve financial independence over 55, perhaps you’d like to compare ways of raising finance for that next big spend? To learn more about your options and the typical pros and cons behind the more popular options, you can use our Funding Comparison Tool. Its an easy-to-use online tool, that aims to inform you of the choices before you and also points to areas where you may need specialist financial advice.


What does financial freedom mean to you?

Is it freedom from your mortgage? Is it retirement freedom, knowing you don’t have to get up at dawn and commute to the big smoke to pay the bills? However, you define it, to achieve it, you need to plan for it. In our upcoming blogs we’ll be discussing ways you can finally remove the shackles of a mortgage and then how you can experience genuine Financial Freedom.


Important Note
The Funding Comparison Tool is not intended to provide personal financial advice and any action taken will be your own responsibility. If in doubt, please seek advice from a professional Financial Adviser.

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Financial freedom in retirement

However you choose to define it, it’s knowing you don’t have to work to live, but to add life to your retirement years if you so wish. It’s knowing your mortgage is cleared all your essentials are covered, and your luxuries are all budgeted for with a rainy-day fund in case the roof falls in. It’s a good feeling. One you want to savour. At free2, we’ve been doing some serious thinking about how people can plan their future financial security, and we discuss how you may be closer to Retirement Freedom than you may think, here.

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Freedom from your Mortgage

The arrival of Freedom Day has prompted us to think about how consumers can gain their own financial freedom, something many of us dream of and work towards for decades. An important first step is paying off a mortgage. There can be considerable obstacles, but there may also be unthought of opportunities. Find out more here.

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