free2 have made me feel secure in my home, I feel like a different person today now my finances have been sorted, and will recommend free2 without hesitation

Mrs W.

Aged 62 from Bromley



Mrs W. was recommended to free2 by her financial adviser Martyn Lewis of Access Equity Release whilst arranging an equity release mortgage, she needed to repay an interest only mortgage and some other borrowings. As the equity release loan wasn’t quite enough to cover everything, her financial adviser suggested free2 as a way of topping up the amount required. In addition, she was able to afford to borrow a little bit more via free2, meaning the equity release loan could be reduced. This was something Mrs W. was keen to do as a way of reducing the overall equity release debt for her estate in the future.


Mrs W. described her experience of free2 as ‘efficient, helpful and professional’. She was delighted with the way our team spoke to her and helped her through the process in conjunction with her financial adviser. She mentioned her negative experience of other lending companies and how free2 was a breath of fresh air in the way she was treated as an individual, and not an ‘oldie’. Reflecting on the advice of her financial adviser and the Over 55s Unsecured Loan offered by free2, Mrs W. said “ I look forward to the future with greater security knowing I can now stay in my own home and my finances are properly sorted”.



free2 treated me like an individual throughout. I’d recommend them unreservedly.

Mr H.

Aged 62 from Sheffield



free2 customer, Mr H. aged 62 from Sheffield, found free2 whilst searching for the more limited number of companies willing to lend to people over aged 55. He wanted to consolidate 6 loans and free up some extra capital in the process. After applying for an Over 55s Unsecured Loan offered by free2, he was able to consolidate his borrowing into one convenient loan, as well as create some extra monthly income and a useful lump sum in the process. 

He was particularly pleased with the way free2 treated him “as an individual” throughout the application journey. He told us “free2 was easy to communicate with through out the process and went out of their way to help him achieve his goal”. He added, “there was no ‘computer says no’ with free2” and would recommend free2 without reservation. 


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