The Over 55s Unsecured Loan – Challenging the status quo


Do you want the freedom to spend a lump sum without using your home equity, savings or making a taxable withdrawal from your pension?

If you’re a UK homeowner with an annuity or final salary pension, and you’re looking for similar freedoms to those with flexible pensions, then you’ve come to the right place: 


Key features


£15,000 to £150,000 subject to status over terms from 5 up to 20 years

Age limits

You must be aged 55-70 with excess guaranteed pension income

Keep your equity

Your home is not required as security

Loan written off

If you die during the term of the loan (T&Cs apply)

What people are saying about us?

“... happily there's a new product on the market that is aimed specifically at those over 55 and under 70 who need to borrow between £15k-150k."


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“New unsecured loan could give retirees an alternative to equity release - but are there already better options out there?”


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“... apply for personal loans of up to £150,000 without putting their home at risk. But are they really an affordable way of raising cash in retirement?”


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Reasons to consider

If you’re receiving an annuity or final salary pension, then you'll be aware that you can't cash it or take out lump sums after you start receiving it. In this case, you may wish to consider alternatives to equity release or drawing down lump sums from a flexible pension pot, or calling on hard-earned savings and investments.


Compare the ways of raising capital over 55 

There are a number of ways to raise a lump sum over 55. To compare the Over 55s Unsecured Loan against other ways of raising finance over 55, please look at our Comparison Fact Sheet which opens in a new page.

Need to do some serious thinking about your financial future? 

Our independently written Guide to managing money for the over 55s will help you explore; ​

- Ways of moving to release capital​
- Ways of staying where you are to raise a lump sum​
- How to repay an interest-only mortgage as you phase into retirement​
- What are the issues and costs with downsizing?​
- Whatever you do, make sure you think carefully before making your next move.

Download your copy of the Guide here.


Find out how much you could borrow 

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